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2023 Bookish Advent Calendar - 12 Day Bookish Box

2023 Bookish Advent Calendar - 12 Day Bookish Box

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Looking for a bookish advent calendar for yourself or for your favorite bookworm? If you're a book lover, this 12 Day Bookish Advent Calendar is the perfect choice in the lead up to Christmas!

This box is filled with 12 carefully-curated products designed by Bona Fide Bookworm. All designs are book-themed and were created specifically for this holiday box, so there are lots of new and fun surprises to open each day leading up to Christmas!


• You can expect your advent calendar to ship by mid-November. There's only a limited number of these advent boxes available, so ordering now means you are guaranteed a box. But it won't actually ship until NOVEMBER.

• This box contains 12 individually-wrapped small bookish gifts, one to open each day in the last 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve/Christmas (starting on Dec 13th/14th). Each gift is sealed with a numbered sticker so you know which day to open each gift.

• This box contains 12 book-themed items which include: a metal Christmas ornament, enamel pins, metal bookmarks, vinyl stickers, keychain, zippered pouch, and more. Only a few items are holiday themed, and the rest are perfect for use all year round.

• Each box contains products that sell for a total of $140+. Please only buy if you are looking for a mystery box and not wanting to choose specific items.

Have questions about the box or the items in it? Feel free to send me a message!

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